Company Overview

Since 1981, Excalibur Integrated Systems, Inc., has built a record of “simplifying the complex” for satisfied clients worldwide who wish to go wireless.

From smart traffic grids to indoor/outdoor wireless networks and advanced barcoding, our expert engineers seamlessly integrate advanced technology with refreshingly simple user-interfaces.

Founded in 1981 by CEO Rodger Jenkins, Excalibur has grown to become a leading industry expert in wireless network security, data networking, telephony, and mobile application development and software solutions. Excalibur designs, installs, integrates and implements a broad range of flexible technology from strategic partnerships with Motorola, Extreme Networks, Aerohive Networks, Honeywell, LANDesk and Aruba Networks as customized, turnkey solutions for its clients.

As part of simplifying the complex, Excalibur’s helpful technicians are recognized for clearly explaining highly technical functionalities in layman’s terms to the client. The company’s powerful solutions and systems make it easy to move vital, real-time data from the point of collection to mission-critical databases and, ultimately, into the hands of important decision makers.

The firm, which is affiliated with a number of industry organizations, also has ongoing relationships with a number of major clients, including the City of Chattanooga, Fruit of the Loom, Honda Motor Company, the University of Tennessee, Nissan Motor Corporation, Shaw Industries, Tennessee Technological University, Hobart and Bush Brothers.