Manufacturing & Distribution

Excalibur Integrated Systems, Inc., takes all the guesswork out of knowing where your product is, at every stage of the manufacturing and distribution process.

  • Comprehensive Inventory Control
    Losing track of your product in the warehouse always costs money. Excalibur’s sophisticated barcoding technology shows you where your product is at all times. And by simply scanning the product into your system, you can greatly reduce the errors of manual entry.
  • Fewer Network “Dead Spots”
    Cavernous warehouse networks and product staging areas often include a maze of semi-compatible devices, and maintaining smooth product monitoring can be your IT department’s worst nightmare. Let Excalibur help to ensure that your network actually covers the entire warehouse and product staging areas. We can even help you find “dead spots” you never knew existed.
  • Increased On-Time Deliveries
    Once product leaves the warehouse, it’s hard to be 100% certain where in transit it might be. Excalibur’s precision tracking technology helps you keep tabs on your merchandise while your shipment is en route, automatically sending you confirmation when your product reaches its destination. No more worries, no more guesswork.
  • On-the-Spot Invoicing
    Conventional paper invoicing, which depends on a live customer signing for delivery and your driver’s timely return, can bog down cash flow. Now, with Excalibur’s handy proof-of-delivery devices, you can generate automatic invoices with a simple barcode. Your invoicing is completed instantly, before the driver even steps back onto the truck.

From manufacturing to distribution, if you’ve been searching for solutions like these to improve your operations, call Excalibur today. Through our consultative approach, you can have peace of mind, knowing your product is safe and deliveries are on-time.

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