Shaw Industries Group

Excalibur Integrated Systems, Inc., is proud to work with companies like Shaw Industries Group to implement technical solutions and help their business grow. We appreciate their kind words below:

We have worked with Rodger Jenkins and the team at Excalibur Integrated Systems, Inc. for over seven years. We have worked on many high-risk and high-value projects and Excalibur has elevated themselves to a position of trusted business partner. They have proven time and time again that they understand our business model, our concerns, and very often our demands. They provide solid answers and product implementations that allow our company to delivery higher quality products and services to our customers, working day, night and often weekends to ensure accurate and trustworthy solutions.

There have been many times in working with Excalibur where we have asked Rodger and his skilled staff to go well above the line where other vendors would stop. The problems in which we engage his team are tough and demanding, but they have never, ever, failed to provide the correct resolution. His engineers and technicians show the skill and training that Rodger fosters, and they talk the language of my technical staff to address the issues we have, never losing focus of the business criticality for which they are summoned.

My most recent recollection is during a pilot (testing) event where we needed to deliver solutions of the newest devices from a certain manufacturer. We needed someone with special expertise to advise on what we needed to do. Rodger and his staff listened, made sure they understood the problem, and worked side by side with us on several options, always keeping in mind that there may be more than one way to arrive at a resolution which may better fit our needs.

Above all else, I have and continue to trust Rodger. He takes the time to get to know me, my business, and has proven to me that I can take him at his word. In a world where we often do not work from anything but contracts, I have faith that Excalibur will deliver the right solutions from simply a phone call and a verbal promise. There are not many companies that rise to the level of trusted advisor at Shaw, but they have earned respect in many departments and have been embraced by me and my senior management team. I appreciate companies and individuals upon whom I can depend, and Excalibur is one of best examples I can think of.

Very Sincerely,

Jim Nielsen

Manager, Enterprise Technology Architecture and Planning
Shaw Industries Group, Inc.