Why Choose Excalibur?

In all these ways and more, Excalibur Integrated Systems, Inc., provides clients with singular expertise and a unified vision for their data systems to work well.

  • Making the Complex Simple
    Navigating today’s increasingly complex technology is a daunting task for many business owners and organizational leaders. Excalibur brings an educated simplicity to complex business processes. Excalibur designs flexible, full-service, turnkey wireless solutions, from start to finish. With Excalibur at the client’s side, technology is easy to operate, and clients will be educated and trained so that their information pathways are simple to navigate.

  • Finishing What Others Started
    Excalibur has an extensive track record of finishing complicated projects abandoned by other vendors or set aside by a client’s in-house IT personnel when their attention is redirected elsewhere or funding is reallocated. Through Excalibur’s wide range of expertise and fast turnaround, these half-completed projects no longer need to be written off as “sunk costs.” Excalibur can right their course, and finish what others started.

  • Guiding Projects from Start to Finish
    Excalibur oversees projects through every phase and in every stage—carefully managing everything from mapping, design, implementation and integration with existing systems. Not only does Excalibur create systems to work with existing technology, but its engineers are also capable of installing quality, full-service turnkey greenfield wireless networks.

  • Staying Responsive and Transparent
    Excalibur’s responsive technical support is available to its clients 24/7, further simplifying their systems. Not only does the company strive for total transparency in advising clients, but its engineers and technicians also listens carefully so that each client’s objectives are identified and addressed properly—the first time.